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A big part of what the World Harmony Council works with every year, is to arrange a very popular and highly acclaimed concert/show each summer.

At the annual International convention week arranged by the BHS, the Jamboree – an always highly anticipated concert/show – takes place on the Thursday night during that week. This is the venue for all the International travelling groups with their champions to sing alongside with the current International chorus and quartet champions. The mix of men and women, old and new, representing cultures and traditions from all over the world, is the essence of what makes this concert extra spectacular. As an audience member you get to witness great entertainment and as a performer it is a factor why to travel to the International convention each year.

What´s the best about this show? All the proceeds goes back to fund the growth of the International barbershop scene, to spread and strengthen barbershop  music around the globe. To this day the Jamboree proceeds excess 500 000 dollars, which has gone into promoting barbershop.

Behind this once a year show lies a lot of work and planning, but since the World Harmony Council is an organization where all labor is done purely from the heart of the leaders, there are basically no costs to run and setup the show, apart from the obvious ones like the venue and technical equipment.

So by coming to enjoy this show you will be a contributor to the growth of this artform!

And being a singer from anywhere around the world, this could be your ticket to sing on a great International show with many other high caliber groups, by representing your barbershop organization.

But, most importantly, the proceeds from the annual Jamboree, goes right back to fund existing member organizations. Since very recently, a huge portion of the proceeds will now be invested in establishing new markets for barbershop, places where there may not be a solid organization yet.

Do you love to sing in harmony? Contact us at the WHC to find out more about our artform, and find what we can do for you!